Designing and implementing a wireless network can be challenging even for experienced networking professionals. Capital Communications can provide design, implementation, integration and validation services to help create a network customized to best meet all unique and individual needs of an enterprise.



High Density Wifi:

A large population drawing from a wireless connection presents a strain on the flow. High Density wireless creates uninterrupted services for a body of people drawing from the same internet source, with multiple devices. Click here to see more or check our case studies:


Just as reliable and with the same measure of security as wire-based internet, point-to-point wireless is used to bridge gaps between locations that are within a short distance of each other. 


Involving either fixed or mobile devices, Mesh networks move data by jumping it from one router or device to another creating communications that flow uninterrupted across larger distances. It allows for infrastructure to be either centralized or decentralized as information is able to skip between nodes acting as routers.


Insuring organizations and individuals alike can send and receive critical communication and data across larger distances requires specific technology. The use of satellites already in orbit around the globe brings voice and data connections to countless wireless devices.


BGAN mobile satellite systems brings industrial internet to areas such as cruise liners. BGAN terminals are small, often the size of a laptop and allow for connections using three satellites that are geostationary.