Communications Infrastructure

Capital Communications is directly responsible for the engineering, furnishing and installation of services for over 450 AT&T Central Offices and nearly 2000 mobility and cellular sites.


During the process of initializing mobility/cellular switching and transport facilities generally at least three separate companies can be involved. The process includes one company that engineers & designs the facility, one that furnishes & delivers the equipment and a third that completes the installation process. This work-flow caters to a high risk of error as messages get delayed or even lost between the separate companies. This set up also gets complicated if there is trouble and a repair is needed.  


Capital Communications is ideally positioned to support carriers and service providers through the transition from traditional voice, video, and data to leading edge IP based Telemedia and Mobile Media services. Our experienced team will guide you from start to finish through planning, engineering, system installation and maintenance. We have extensive knowledge of optical, wireline and mobility technologies that comply with all regulatory requirements.