Public Spaces

stadium with cheering man

Auditoriums and stadiums are just a sample of the public spaces where large numbers of people and their wireless devices come together in groups creating many specific demands on infrastructure. Capital Communications goes above and beyond when addressing the communication needs of both the enterprise and the general public in these areas.


Bringing seamless Wi-Fi to a large number of people in critical infrastructures can create mobility congestion and confusion. The challenge comes in bringing uninterrupted service to these people. In addition, keeping this same group of individuals protected along with the infrastructure requires gaining full, advanced video coverage to areas crowded with people.


Capital Communications, Inc. is there to see to the integration needs of security cameras along with high density wireless transmission. Fluid communication with your security using very specific state of the art cameras will be brought to you in a seamless integration. The public using the facility will be happy to still get their data and voice messaging.