Rural Development

two men and a laptop on farm

Data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as of 2011 indicates the United States ranks ninth for mobile broadband adoption on a per capita basis and 12th for fixed broadband on a per household basis. Although, our challenges may be greater with our wide expanses of countryside, our need to serve these rural industries in a global marketplace is paramount.


Within a bustling urban space there is ample opportunity to build a naturally strong infrastructure for communication. However, as with all communication, when distance is increased the amount of finesse needed for troubleshooting also increases.


Regardless of geographic location, Capital Communications, Inc. is devoted to developing an effective infrastructure for communication throughout each mile. Our unique experience allows us the ability to provide all network development needs.

We strive to bring network capabilities to anyone, including those who are working with a geographic challenge.  We will develop and produce the infrastructure with an attention to detail that is born of integrity and pride in workmanship.

To further aid in communication through rural development needs, Capital Communications offers several services.