Case Studies

Brivo Access Control Technology DHS Land Port of Entry Facilities by VEI

The General Services Administration, manager of all Federal government buildings, approached Vector Electric, Inc. (VEI) requesting that an additional technological feature be included in any upgrade: a “guard tour” capability, utilizing existing PIV cards that would provide an audit trail of guard visitations to each detention cell and document that detainees are being properly monitored. PIV cards, smart identity cards issued to government employees in compliance with HSPD-12, have actually created a platform whereby agencies can manage both physical and logical access control for all their employees through a single integrated system.

LPR in Law Enforcement
LPR in Law Enforcement

Results from a municipal police demonstration period of twenty days, amounting to approximately 200 hours of continuous plate reading. During that time, the system read 71,848 license plates and instantaneously compared each one to an in-car hotlist to see if any were considered a vehicle of interest.

  • 70 people taken into custody
  • 17 wanted persons arrested
  • 2 felony arrests for stolen vehicle; vehicles recovered
  • 1 misdemeanor arrest for stolen plate; plate recovered
  • $36,000 in property recovered
  • $19,000 in warrants and citations issued
  • 25 citations issued for suspended registration, unregistered vehicle, suspended or revoked license, expired tags, and other offenses


Once permanently installed a municipality can typically realize the following returns:

  • First Year Return - $114,173
  • Ongoing Revenue Years 2-5 - $228,344
  • Total Revenue - $340,000
  • Total Cost - $ 105,000
  • Net Revenue - $235,000
Xirrus Wireless
Sands Expo and Convention Center Deploys World's Highest Density Wireless Network

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